1747 derek and tunde cd front cover

Mali in Oak

Tunde Jegede & Derek Gripper

Featured in guitar master John Williams' unforgettable series of Candlelit Concerts in the Globe's oaken Playhouse, Nigerian kora virtuoso Tunde Jegede collaborates with visionary South African guitarist Derek Gripper in a celebration of Mali's griot repertoire.

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11 tracks (MP3 files)

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# Track Title Length
1 Kaira Konkoba Listen Listen 03:48
2 Where Rivers Meet Listen Listen 04:10
3 Jarabi Listen Listen 05:14
4 Miniyamba Listen Listen 05:08
5 Alone Listen Listen 04:02
6 Songs of the Eternal Listen Listen 04:04
7 Si Naani Listen Listen 03:30
8 Tutu Jara Listen Listen 03:16
9 Maimouna Listen Listen 02:38
10 Alfa Yaya Listen Listen 03:45
11 Cycle of Reckoning Listen Listen 13:28

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